Source code for scrapd.core.constant

"""Define the scrapd constants."""
from abc import ABC

[docs]class Constant(ABC): """Define the constant class.""" def __setattr__(self, *_): """Ensure the attributes are read only..""" raise AttributeError('This attribute is read only.')
[docs]class Fields(Constant): """Define the resource constants.""" AGE = 'Age' CASE = 'Case' CRASHES = 'Fatal crashes this year' DATE = 'Date' DECEASED = 'Deceased' DOB = 'DOB' ETHNICITY = 'Ethnicity' FIRST_NAME = 'First Name' GENDER = 'Gender' LAST_NAME = 'Last Name' LINK = 'Link' LOCATION = 'Location' NOTES = 'Notes' TIME = 'Time'